10 Things To Do Before Owning A Cat For The First Time

owning a cat

Owning a cat for the first time, What does it mean?

Getting or adopting your first cat is like bringing in a new family member. It requires you to be well prepared so as to make the cute, soft, new purring companion feel at home.

You will have to make some necessary changes that would enhance the normal behavior and the independence nature of your cat.

Here are 10 Things To Do before Owning a Cat for the First Time

1. Do some shopping :

You should shop a few days before your cat arrives so as to avoid the last minute rushes. Some of the most important things that you should add to your shopping list include getting a litter box, cat food that is age appropriate and accessories that would lower the stress of being in a new environment.

2. Prepare a ‘safe home’ for your cat

Your cat will need a ‘safe home’ within your home. This can either be anywhere in your house preferable a bathroom that is not in use, one of the corners in the storeroom, or even your bedroom corner fitted with a protective barrier.

The essence of having a ‘safe home’ is to create a place where your cat can call home. The cat can stay in there when it does not feel like socializing especially when your cat is still new. Your cat should socialize and mingle at will.

3. Take an allergy test for feline allergies 

If you are prone to allergies, it will be wise to undertake a test to establish if you are allergic to cats’ allergens.

What happens if a doctor establishes that you are allergic to feline fur or other allergens?

Well, this does not mean that you cannot bring the beautiful companion into your home. You will have to consult a vet so as to help you choose a cat that has low allergens.

4. Availing play accessories for your cat

Owning a cat needs a lot of commitment and extra vigilance so as to ensure that your cat does not become lonely and miserable.Therefore, you need to spice up the lifestyle of your cat.

Cats love and enjoy playing a lot. It’s therefore natural to avail as many play accessories and toys as much as possible. For instance, you can get fathers, strings, empty boxes, or even toy mice for your cat to play with.

5. Neuter and immunize your cat 

Take your cat to a vet before bringing home for immunization and check-ups. Also, owning a cat would require you to plan for its reproductive future.

Neutering your cat is the best way to tame the urge to reproductive that is usually accompanied by not so pleasant behaviors. You will save yourself and your cat a lot of trouble of having it to claw an exit route through your house windows.

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6. Reorganize your schedule to make time for your cat 

Before owning a cat you should make up at least some time to spend with the cute companion.

Cats love to be cuddled and to be around the human friends all the time. Besides, you should try as much as possible to groom your cat as regularly as you can and provide the necessary attention whenever it is possible.

However, if you lead a busy lifestyle you can visit a vet so as he can recommend a breed of cats that would suit your busy lifestyle.

7. Provide a scratching post 

Scratching is the second nature of cats and the first thing you should know before owning a cat. Shop for a scratching post so as to give your cat a scratching surface and avoid scratching and damaging your furniture.

Also, do not declaw your cat as this is a painful process that will leave your cat in misery for quite some time.

8. Adopt a playmate for your cat

You may not always be around for your purring friend especially if you have a busy lifestyle. You may want to adopt a playmate preferably a puppy.

A playmate will spice up the life of your cat. Beside a playmate make up for the many times you are not around to provide the much-needed attention.

9. Get a pet insurance 

Getting a pet insurance is not a must before owning a cat but it is the best animal husbandry best practice. Visit a nearby vet to establish which pet insurance will be appropriate for your cat.

10. Get training treats 

You may have to teach your cat a new behavior or trick when the cat finally arrives at your home. You need to get delectable treats that will be loved by your cat.

To summarize, Owning a cat is one of those brilliant decisions you will ever make in your life.

Cats are a big source of inspiration and they spice up our lives in infinite ways. However, you need to prepare well before bringing your cat home. A prepared home will definitely make your cat feel at home within the shortest time possible.

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owning a cat

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