How To Teach Your Cat To Ring The Doorbell


Would you like to know whether you can make your cat ring the doorbell before coming into the house?
If yes, here is everything you need to know.
In which situations is it necessary to have cat ring a doorbell?
Depending on where you reside, you may choose not to make a cat door. Some of the things that can make you make that decision may include prevailing weather conditions, your preferences just to mention a few.
In such cases, you will need to teach your cat how to ring a small doorbell so that you can let him/her in when he/she goes outside.


How do you train your cat to ring a doorbell?
The following is quite a simple method for training your cat to inform you when he/she would like to be let inside.

1. Buy a small bell or bells for your cat

you can buy a doorbell at any pet store for very little these days. Sometimes, using several tiny bells may work better than just using one. Connect the bell or bells to a wire that hangs down low enough so that your cat can easily reach it.

2. Position the doorbell

Simply take a tiny bell, but one which is loud enough for you to hear, and use a string to swing it right beyond your door. Be sure to illustrate to your cat how to ring it as many times as possible. In addition, you can add a catnip to the tiny bell to charm your cat rings the bell.

3. Improve your cat learning curve

Whenever your cat rings bells to come in, you should provide him/her with a cat treat to make him/her know he/she’s done something worthwhile.
In case your cat doesn’t learn how to ring the bells immediately, you might have to keep teaching him/her. Eventually, he/she’ll learn that you’ll open the door and reward him/her each time the bells ring.


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4. Practice makes perfect

Initially, you may want to keep teaching your cat how to ring the bell each time he/she goes out or come in in order to make connections between door being opened and bell ringing.
In some cases, you may even opt to start with a bell inside the house for when he/she would like to go outside. This, in turn, can help him/her learn quickly that ringing the bell means that the entranceway will be opened.

5. Exceptions

On the other hand, you can let your cat use a cat door when you know you are not around. Place the cat door in your basement by just cutting a little hole in the bottom of the entranceway and put a bit of plastic material across it to smoothen the edges.


The cat door Instead of making your cat ring a bell each time he/she wants to get into the house, you may want to have a cat door that lets the cat go outside when he/she wants. However, be sure you know very well what size you must have for your cat to fit comfortably.


Although most of the cat that likes to go outside learn about the new door very quickly, there may be some instances when you should teach him/her. For example, when your cat knows how to ring a doorbell but have never used a cat door.


How do you teach your cat to use a cat door?
This should be a reasonably straightforward process. A great way you can teach your cat to utilize this door is to keep it open and use a dolly to tempt your cat to move from one flank to the other.


Most of the times, it will only take a few times before your cat recognizes there is an easy way out for him/her. After he/she has gone in and out once or twice you should allow him/her to use the cat door by him/herself when it’s closed.


 If you are persistent and affectionate about training your cat to ring a doorbell, there is nothing that can stop you. However, depending on the challenges at hand, you may opt to teach your cat to use both the cat door and the doorbell.
Image Credit: The Sun

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