How To Pick The Perfect Name For Your Kitten

name for your kitten

Deciding on a cool name for your Kitten can be harder than it seems. For instance, if you are going to keep this Kitten for a long time you are going to want to get a name that you will still like years down the line. The name you select for your Kitten is both a reflection of him and you.

While you can have all the “creative license” in the world when naming a Kitten, picking that perfect and creative Kitten name – one that will be used thousands of times over your Kitten’s lifetime – can seem a little overwhelming if you have no idea what direction to go in.

To help you with that, below are some ideas.

Picking A Name For Your Kitten, How To Get Inspired?


1. Appearance

An easy way to name your kitten is to choose a name based on his/her appearance.

For instance, if your kitten is black, you could name him Blackie or Midnight. An orange kitty might be called Rusty or Peaches. Snowball or Sugar are suitable names for white kittens. If your cat is a striped tabby, you could call him Tiger. Or you might name a calico Patches.


Another way to pick a name for your kitten is to do it according to his/her personality. This may take a little longer because you will have to spend some time getting to know him/her first.

If she is a shy girl, you might call her Violet (for shrinking violet). If you have a cat who zooms around the house at top speed, you could call him Zippy. If your cat is exceptionally affectionate, you might call him Romeo. If you have a mischievous little guy, you could name him Puck.

Choosing names in pairs or groups

If you have just adopted two or more kittens, you can choose the kittens’ names in pairs or groups. If you only have two cats, you might call them Salt and Pepper, or Tristan and Isolde.

If you have more than two, you might call them Rosemary, Thyme, and Oregano, or Wynken, Blynken and Nod. You could also name them following some of the planets, such as Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus. Or after your favorite drinks, such as Kahlua, Brandy, and Amaretto.

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The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

There are so numerous great potential names for kittens. Your biggest problem may be narrowing down your choices.

However, if you start with your kitten’s appearance, his/her personality or a pair or grouping you are familiar with, you may hit on a name you love right away.

Just make sure it feels right and that you won’t be uncomfortable calling your kitten if the neighbors should overhear.

Choosing from cartoons and comic books

You can also draw inspiration from cartoons and comic books to name your Kitten. Owning a Kitten that is pure white is lovely.

You could name him “Snowy” like the one in the Tintin series. If you feel your pet is worth a million dollars you could probably name him what Riche Rich named his Kitten, “Dollar.”

Be imaginative;

There’s nothing like thinking up a creative name. Of course, you can use some inspiration from websites or books about pet or baby names to help you.

There’s nothing like getting an unusual or unique name for your Kitten that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Get inspiration from books or websites.

Now that people naming their Kitten personal names more often maybe you could look at some baby names. There are also websites about calling your Kitten. Many of them have huge databases of names for all sorts of Kitten.

The Kitten names must be simple to call and also in the way that you’re Kitten can readily recognize. In general, animals react excellently to one or two syllable names. Keeping long names will confuse people and also you’re Kitten.

Your Kitten must feel pleasure when others call him/her by his/her names. It is also vital to choose names that will not sound like commands, for instance, the name Joe will sound like no, and so your Kitten might imagine that we are scolding him/her, which is an adverse effect and they might not have even done anything to deserve it!

Choosing a perfect name for your cuddly little one is not difficult though, you just need to use your imagination and creativity and sometimes a little guide.

Naming a Kitten can be as easy as looking at him/her; As said above, a suitable name for your kitten can come from their appearance, behavior, and traits.

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