Is Your Cat Peeing Everywhere In The House? Read Cat Spraying No More

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Cats are usually clean and prefer to live in solitude. But there does come a time when pet caretakers have to go through a common problem. No pet parent would like their pet peeing urine anywhere. It is fairly common for male and female cats to develop such issues.

In fact, one out of every ten houses have issues with cats peeing around the house. The reason behind is the wild nature of cats which do not ingrain the concept of litter boxes well. As irritating as it is, there is something we can do against it.

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What can be done?

If you have a cat, you know how stressful it is sometimes to handle them. Many owners go through this problem with their cats. Once the owner is tired of cleaning floors or carpets, they employ one of these solutions. One obvious solution owners have is to ignore the problem and wait till it goes away with time.

Once the owners realize that it does not work, they throw their tantrum. Screaming on your cats worsens their habits of peeing everywhere. Ultimately some owners get fed up give their pets up. To address this problem, one has to go into cat psychology since cats have their own set of behavioral traits. Every pet has to be trained by its owner. But if you get it wrong, you will never make your pet behave as you would want it to.


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With this in mind, Sarah Richards, a Veterinary Technician for the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) came up with a more harmonic solution to this problem. She has written a small book called Cat spraying no more. It tackles a persisting issue for cat owners about irregular pet habits.

The book promises to stop cat spraying and littering outside the litter box. It works about a professional system that explains how shouting or yelling at pets won’t help. The book says that cats cannot change their behavior overnight. It also talks about the right techniques that you can use to make your cat stop peeing everywhere outside litter box quite fast.

Usually, we consider all pets to be alike and treat them the same way. For instance, we cannot train a cat like a dog since they both have very different traits. This book focuses on that part, on how to train your cat. Sarah also discusses several herbal mixes that make your cat not to want to pee in the house.

Story behind the book

Sarah Richards found a cat named Timmy while working on her job as a Veterinary Technician. Back in 2011, a coworker of Sarah’s found a cat family of six after the owner left them in the house that was foreclosed.

Tammy was one of those cats. When she found Timmy, he was not trained to be a pet. He along with other cats had peed and littered all over the house when Sarah found them. Having brought to a new home, Timmy did not do well with anxiety and thus used to litter around the house.

Sarah had to constantly clean the house, cleaning the litter, washing clothes and buying new furniture. For months, she tried everything to change the cat’s behavior but it didn’t happen.

Her colleague at work named Laura suggested a trick on hearing her problem. She said it would make Timmy use the litter box instead of peeing around the house uncontrollably.


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To her surprise, the trick worked on Timmy peed where he was supposed to. Laura suggested her a few more tricks to encourage Timmy not to pee anywhere else. Once she did as Laura asked, Timmy stopped peeing everywhere. His habit of spraying urine was stopped permanently.

Sarah took these principles and her experience to write this book. Her step-by-step guide has many people so far including her own friends.

How can this book help you?

The book features explanations about understanding why your cat may be peeing inside the house. Apart from the understanding behavior of cats, it uses simple ways to help cats only use the litter box.

Sarah also shares how to make an Herbal mix which prevents cats from peeing around that area. The book also helps using cat’s own instinct to prevent them to pee anywhere other than the litterbox.

A few real-life examples in this book helps motivate the users. She also talks about wrong practices adopted by many cat owners that stress the pet even more.

Furthermore, she discusses signs to look for when your cat’s peeing problem is a health issue which you can discuss it with your vet.

What do you get with the book?

Here are some bonuses that you will get along with the book

  • The Cat Care Blueprint 

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  • · Cat training bible

cat spraying no more

  • · Healthy cat recipes book

cat spraying no more

  • · Software using which you can track your cat’s medical records.

cat spraying no more


Why Would You buy this book?

Cat spraying no more has a lot of benefits for cat owners. Using the techniques, tips, and remedies mentioned in the book, you can save a lot of money which you would otherwise spend on replacing or cleaning cushions, clothes, and carpets. Here are some of the benefits:

· Stop your cat peeing and spraying outside litter box permanently. 

· You could enjoy being with your cat as you would want.

· Save a lot of money on replacing furniture around the house.

· Have a peace of mind not having to worry about cat litter anymore.

· You can leave the house leaving the cat alone at home without having a worry.

· Not having to look for stains and bad smells around the house.

Having a cat is a wonderful experience. However, if you are one of those owners whose cat might not be ready to be tamed to the owner’s wish, do not panic.

This book has a lot to offer in terms of successfully tested and implemented techniques & tips. Thus, it is highly recommended to have a copy of Cat spraying no more in your library if you have a cat or are planning to have one.

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