How To Find The Best Spot For The Litter Box

litter box

Despite the fact that some cats will use the litter box no matter where you put it, as long as they can somehow get to it.


Other cats will hesitate to use the box that is inappropriately positioned. Picking a good spot for the litter box will surely decrease the chance that you will find wet spots on the rug or even ‘worse’ behind the sofa.


In addition, cats are clean animals and will utilize their litter box if it is convenient and accessible.

Choosing The Best Place For The Litter Box

For sure, a litter box must be clean, filled with dry, loose to dig in. But, cats also love to feel comfortable.So, Try to place the box in a spot that is convenient for your cat, not for you. Here are some points you need to take into consideration :

  • Can you eat in a toilet? I doubt it. Same things for your cat. So, avoid placing the box next to his or her food and water dishes


  • Cats, like people, enjoy a bit of privacy when going to the bathroom. Don’t place the litter box so far from the center of activities that it will be difficult to use, but do put it a bit off the beaten path.

cat spraying no more


  • In order to make your cat feel safe while using the box, It should be in a lighted area. A dark place will make the cat afraid that it might be attacked when using the box.


  • Your cat should have access to the litter box whenever he feels the need to use it. It should not require opening a door or something like that.


  • Once you and your cat have found the right place for the litter box, leave it there. If you need to move it, do it in a gradual way by shifting the position of the box a little each day.


  • Multi-cat households should also provide multiple litter boxes. It’s also a good idea to keep the boxes separated from one another. Besides that,  make sure to provide an extra box in case one of the regular ones is soiled or otherwise inaccessible.


  • If you have a house with several stories, it’s a good idea to have a box available on each floor.

Owning a cat is a big responsibility. But a crazy cat owner and lover like you are will, for sure,  be able to handle it, and besides, making your cat happy and comfortable will make you happy as well.


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