Cat Grooming: Nail clipping, Combing or brushing And More


cat grooming
Believe it or not, even your cat needs grooming sessions, although it is true that cats can very well look after them and most of the times.
However, there are some things that they can’t do themselves, such as clipping nails, brushing teeth, removing dead hair, bathing, trimming the hair and cleaning eyes, ears, and paws.If you don’t have time to shop for your cat, browse the internet and look for cat cleaning products.
Nowadays, many online stores sell pet related items. Different brands sell pet care items. Choose your brand wisely so that your cat always looks clean, happy and well-behaved.


There are so many grooming tips on the Internet. If you want your pet to look good, search for related information and facts regarding proper grooming so that you will be able to do things correctly.
You must know the particular grooming level necessary for each breed. Hygiene is essential. You should not ignore it. Therefore, take some of your time to do it on a regular basis since it is part of your responsibility as a good owner.


Having said that, let’s have a look at some cat grooming Practices


1.Nail clipping

Cat grooming sessions can be really fun for your cat as well as you. It might not be ready for nail clipping or brushing, but it’s you who needs to help her relax.
Pet grooming may include both physical cleaning as well as behavioral training. Obviously, you want it to look good as well as behave well with you and others who visit your house.
Give grooming sessions to your cat when you’re free and in a good mood. Try pampering her first before actually proceeding on with the session.
In the beginning, keep cat grooming sessions short approximately five to ten minutes. You can then slowly increase the duration of each lesson.


2. Cleaning almost every part

Develop a habit of cleaning almost every part of your pet including tail, belly, eyes, ears, neck and most importantly feet. However, if you’re impatient and are not in a mood to give her a completely clean, do just the essentials such feet cleaning.
Remember not to use soaps and shampoos that you use for yourself. There are separate cat cleaning products available on the market nowadays.
As they have different skins than human beings, they require different cleaning products. Right from eye care to ear cleaner, hair clipper, trimmer, de-shedding tool, tick control solutions, conditioning spray, skin care lotion, everything is easily available in the market.


 cat grooming


3.Combing or brushing

Combing or brushing the fur is one of the easiest tidying procedures to do. It is necessary to keep its coat healthy, neat and clean. Even kids can do it, and they love to brush the hair of their Kitties daily.


By doing this, it will help in removing the dirt and other debris in the cat’s coat. It can also remove dead skin and old hair. Aside from that, combing will also facilitate the equal spread of natural oil all over their body.


To make your pet’s appearance look better, you must give some effort in combing and brush its fur daily. You don’t have to go to the salon to get best results since you can already do it yourself.


4.Spraying your kitten with pesticides.

Bath your kitties once a week or as necessary. There is no definite number of baths as long as you’ll maintain its cleanliness and good smell.


Cats with longer hair can have their bath once in a month while cats with shorter hair can have it one in two months. It depends on the owner as to how he will implement this cat grooming procedure.


Just make sure that you will apply the right soap or shampoo that will be suitable for its hair type. This will remove dirt, ticks, fleas and any form of allergies. Like a human, they also need to freshen up and take away all the dirt that they acquire.


5. Trimming hair.

Remember if your cat has long hair; take out a few minutes from your everyday schedule to trim her hair and part the dead hair so that you don’t see them everywhere littered in your house.
If your cat doesn’t cooperate with home grooming, you can schedule an appointment with a professional. While you’re there, ask for some basic techniques that you can do at home.
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