7 Reasons Why You Should Have A Scottish Fold Cat At Home

Scottish Fold Cat

When the words “home great companions” are mentioned, cats happen to be the first things that cross our minds.


This is because, cats better known to be independent pets, do require less attention and to top that up, they tend to need very little grooming from us.


Another advantage about them is that they don’t require to be taken outside for walks like dogs.

There are different and many breeds of cats that one can consider to choose from and adopt. One of them being the Scottish Fold cat.

Scottish fold cat possesses many characteristics that would make you want to adopt. Let’s discuss seven reasons why you should have a Scottish Fold cat at your home.


1. The folding characteristic

If a Scottish fold cat’s parent happens to have a fold-ear gene, chances of the gene being passed to the child will be high. You may even at times observe the cat folding its ears.


Surprisingly, at birth, a Scottish Fold cat is born with straight ears. When they get to three or four weeks of age, there’s a higher probability of their ears to start folding downwards.

When it comes to fashion show, they become the best and only cats that can showcase their unique characteristics of folding their ear. Why should you miss seeing this change when they are growing?


2. Adaptability

Scottish fold cats can be able to adapt to new environments or changing environments. By you being an owner, you can comfortably move to any place without worrying about the pet.


3.Scottish Fold Cats are less noisy

They are loving, show a lot of tenderness and are always kind. Some of us may not like noisy animals and this gives us a reason to think of choosing Scottish Fold cat.


The nature of them being very quiet makes them produce a very sweet, low and soft sound when they meow. One thing that you may not also know is that they usually pay very close attention.


4.They are attention seekers, very curious and intelligent.

They also establish a good relationship with many people but have a tendency of having a stronger and deeper bond with one of the family members.


Just like human beings they love being given much attention unforcefully and they themselves choose when to get attention. When they want to seek attention, they will frequently go to that one person that has a strong bond with it.


Scottish Fold cats are very eager to learn or know something in a protective environment, furthermore, they are very intelligent animals.


5.Very friendly

Despite the fact that Scottish Fold cat is an animal, he/she possesses a friendly character.

Having other types of cats, dogs, and children in your home, the Scottish fold cat will establish a great impact on your family.


He/she can tolerate small and innocent children who hardly know what they are doing when they pick him up, drop him, pull his tail, or even throw him. He will always assume that it’s a game and will develop a liking to play.


6.They are of different varieties

The Scottish Fold cats are found in different varieties depending on colors of their fur and eyes. Different people love different colors; therefore, a person can adopt a white, bicolor, grey, black, tabby, calico or orange Scottish fold cat.


Since there are so many eyes and fur blending, each of these Scottish fold cats is found to be unique and pretty in their own ways. When one adopts the Scottish Fold cat, there is very low probability that it will have resemblance with another, this gives you an opportunity of having a variety of them.


7.Peculiar pose

When it comes to posing, Scottish Fold cats happen to be amusing. Since they are attention seeker, they will always pose in a different manner to get your attention.


They can sit in a position known as �’Gautama’’ and spread their legs or sit up like a meerkat. They also fall asleep on their back. Scottish Fold cats do enjoy the pleasure of being attractive and that’s why you will find them on many social media sites like Instagram posing in their cute styles.

In conclusion, this breed of cat is seen not only to be loving, kind and stylish but also it has an immense intelligence and uniqueness of having folded ears.


When you manage to get one, you will really enjoy since it’s one of the finest and most adorable cat one would ever want to adopt

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